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Albert Web

Albert Web

Centering around banking

Centering around banking

Centering around banking

Redesigned Albert web presence to showcase how the app was now more than a budgeting tool. It now centered around a full on banking service with a physical debit card included. With the addition of Albert Cash, banking became the center of the app. Albert was moving away from only being a budgeting app to a full functioning mobile banking service. This initiative was to sync up the messaging and branding with the application.


I helped re-design the Albert app web presence

My Role

Product Designer — Discovery, User Research, Design

Competitor analysis

Fintech is a quickly growing space with interesting characters. Some apps like Chime stay in the conservative side when it comes to branding and other, like Cash App are a completely different story. Albert has its own mission, powered by the team of real humans called the genius team. We wanted to stand out from the crowd by emphasizing our human touch.

Home page

With an updated messaging of, “We’re banking on you.” we explored the visual focus on our banking product. We kept the minimal style Albert has always had and played with abstracting the imagery. Theres a fine balance that I always try to achieve when adding surreal elements to photography — love the subtle playfulness this brings.

To promote the powerful features that make up Albert, I created a series of 3D phone mocks that would really hone in on the simplicity of the app’s design.

I created these components in a way to easily swap the UI screen and be able to re-use in another context.

To reduce the repetitiveness of the phone mocks, I broke away from the format and introduced this more abstract and playful way to display the UI.

Albert Cash

The phone mocks anchor the visual style across the web as the team expands it to a lot more sub-pages. Take a quick glance over at to see more.